LED displays for sports venues

LuxVision LED displays are transforming sports venues, enhancing the fan experience with stunning visuals and real-time engagement. From arenas to stadiums, our large-format video walls and digital displays create electrifying environments that celebrate every moment, driving excitement and enhancing the spectator experience.

Versatile display solutions for every sporting event

LuxVision caters to the sports industry's unique demands, providing tailored LED display solutions that enhance every aspect of the game-day experience. From scoreboards to perimeter advertising, our technology integrates seamlessly into any sports setting.


Scoreboards and in-game displays

Our high-resolution scoreboards and in-game displays bring clarity to the competition, offering real-time stats, scores, and action replays, enriching the fan experience and keeping the excitement alive.

Concourse and concession areas

Enhance the concourse and concession spaces with engaging LED displays that guide, inform, and entertain fans, ensuring a memorable visit beyond the main event.

Advertising and donor walls

Maximize visibility for sponsors with our perimeter advertising solutions, providing dynamic and impactful branding opportunities that capture attention throughout the event.

Elevating the sports experience with advanced technology

In the fast-paced world of sports, engaging fans and players with cutting-edge technology is key. LuxVision's LED solutions offer high-definition displays that capture the thrill of the game, bringing every play into sharp focus and aligning with the dynamic nature of sports.

Impact-resistant displays

LuxVision's LED displays are built to endure the intensity of sports environments, featuring impact-resistant technology and backed by an impact warranty.

Energy-efficient and robust outdoor screens

Designed for durability and performance, our outdoor LED screens withstand all weather conditions, offering energy-efficient solutions for year-round sports events.