Exciting Partnership Announcement

Canadian Distributor - Techni+Contact
March 8, 2024 by
Greg Adams

Exciting Partnership Announcement!

We are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Techni+Contact as our exclusive Canadian Distributor!

A lot may have changed in the industry, but Techni+Contact, with over 40 years of trusted experience, has always focused on connection between people. Through their exceptional pre and post-sales support and focus on developing relationships with key partners, they are always connected to your ambitions.

This collaboration marks the beginning of a powerful alliance that combines the strengths, expertise, and innovation of both companies. Together, we aim to redefine industry standards to create unparalleled value for our clients, enhance our offerings, and create new opportunities in the market.

We look forward to a future filled with collaboration, growth, and groundbreaking achievements. Together, Techni+Contact and LuxVision are ready to embark on a journey of shared success.

Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone!